Oceans Behavioral Hospital


Oceans Behavioral Hospital

Situation:       In addition to their inpatient facilities, this 24-bed, JCAHO-accredited geriatric behavioral health hospital was developing an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). They needed someone to market to the local nursing facilities, doctor’s offices and hospitals, as well as to area seniors and other adults 18+. The situation was all the more challenging as the hospital only took Medicare—not any private insurance or supplemental plans. This eliminated many potential referrals. Action: To meet these needs, I reached out into the community and worked to:

  • Personally meet with hundreds of prospective patients and their families.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with over 450 area medical and governmental entities, area churches and other community organizations as potential referral sources.
  • Host dozens of informational breakfasts and luncheons to educate the professional community and general public as to the benefits of the Intensive Outpatient Program.


Performance Reviews:

“Tom regularly attends CTAS meetings & seeks out opportunities for participation in other organizations.”

“Tom is impeccable in his data entry & daily marketing documentation.

“IOP referrals are increasing dramatically.”

“Tom regularly offers suggestions for changing/implementing new outreach strategies.”

“Tom has assisted in creating contact lists for IOP monthly mtgs. & has offered suggestions for improving the use of SalesForce.”

“Tom communicates rapidly regarding clients, assessments & suggestions for program improvement.”

“Always on time & offers suggestions.”

“Tom is regularly willing to “switch gears” and try new approaches, assist me with events.”

“Extremely trustworthy in a highly independent role.”

“Tom completes all assignments as quickly as possible, makes numerous daily calls & promotes IOP marketing events.” 

“Assessments are thorough, accurate and timely.”

“Great communicator with Director & IOP team.”

“Tom has been willing to change marketing strategies as our program has developed.”

Terry Jackson

Community Liaison Director

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