Esplanade Gardens


Esplanade GardensSituation:     As the largest non-profit assisted living/Alzheimer’s care facility in the San Antonio area, Esplanade Gardens had changed hands from an owner who had not believed in advertising at all to a non-profit foundation that needed results fast. The facility was virtually unheard of and census was dropping fast. That left an immediate need for a hands-on professional.

Hired for the full-time position the same day that I was interviewed, I was delegated the task of increasing the occupancy of the building—reversing a considerable decline in the months previous.

  • Action:            Negotiated on-site presence of Access Quality Therapy Services at Esplanade Gardens Assisted Living to serve both residents and non-residents.  Result: Patients actually visited the campus from other competing assisted living facilities and the facility gained residents because of the availability of on-site physical therapy services.
  • Action:            Negotiated contract with the Veteran’s Administration for ongoing placement of vets at reduced rates at Esplanade Gardens. Result: Ensured an ongoing referral source of aging veterans for the facility for years to come.
  • Action:            Met with the Administrator of the campus and our Chef to arrange to open our Sunday Brunch to the community. Then, I publicized it throughout our market area with signage out front and regular flyers—while also inviting local pastors and their wives to dine for free. Result: Increased awareness of our community (and the quality of its food), while local pastors were made aware of the services we offer for the members of their congregations.
  • Action:            After meeting with many of the business owners and professionals in the surrounding community, I developed a bi-monthly “Community of Caring” speaker series at Esplanade Gardens. Through this program, they would become featured speakers at event which Esplanade Gardens would promote and host. As a result, they would receive free publicity and Esplanade Gardens would increase traffic into the building. Result: Highly successful in both drawing new visitors into the building and allowing a ready welcome into any area business, the program was soon expanded to include a series of accredited, all-day seminars for medical professionals within the community.
  • Action: Hosted a major casino-night fundraiser at Esplanade Gardens Assisted Living for the Greater Randolph Area Services Program (GRASP) that included gaming tables, a silent auction and a vendor fair. Result: Open to the public, it drew over 125 new visitors to the facility in one evening, as well as a sizable donation and public awareness for GRASP.


Performance Reviews:

“Tom has continually improved & given excellent support to the team. Goes above and beyond. Doing a wonderful job.”

“Tom has good mktg. strategy, good team player.” 

“You have done a tremendous service to Esplanade Gardens in bringing us to our present standing in the communities dedicated to care. Our name is recognized throughout the San Antonio area due to your efforts and for this we are grateful.”

“Mr. Jones has been in the position of Marketing and Admissions Director for the past 14 months. During this time Tom has proven his ability in bringing to the community at large knowledge and information regarding Assisted Living Care. Tom has shown great ability in being a resource for many subjects relating to our elder population.”

“He has promoted our community and helped increase our census.”

“His innovative management skills have proven very effective. Tom has wonderful ideas and exceptional people skills.”

“Mr. Jones would be a great asset to any company. I feel it is an honor to have worked with and learned from Tom.”

Rebecca S. Yates, Executive Director

Esplanade Gardens Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care



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