Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs

IMG_0675Situation:       The campus of Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs had been open for 6 months and occupancy was falling due to poor management.

  • Action:            I reorganized the marketing department, followed up with prospects that had been neglected or ignored and scheduled hundreds of appointments to show the apartments and explain the services and amenities. Result: I led the campus from 33.4% to 100% occupancy—taking 312 deposits for residency in the 137 IL and AL apartments.

Situation:       Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs was introducing a cottage concept (through David Weekley Homes) which required an expensive entrance deposit instead of a more familiar monthly rental.

  • Action: I led the marketing efforts, meeting with hundreds of prospects, explaining the cottage concept, showcasing the interior design elements. Result: I personally pre-sold 19 of the initial 25 freestanding cottage homes resulting in this $8 million dollar residential development being completely sold out in one-quarter of the projected time.

Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs

Performance Reviews:

“[Tom] is knowledgeable about the facilities & services. Understands the importance of establishing good relationships with potential residents on the initial contact and maintaining and nourishing that relationship throughout the entire process.” 

“Uses time most effectively. When not actively involved with prospective residents he is following up with individuals on the wait list to maintain contact with them.”

“Knows his responsibilities and follows through on assigned tasks. Is most reliable and can be depended on to go the extra mile when needed. Keeps staff appraised of contact and progress on followup contacts.”

“Knows what needs to be done. Is a self-starter and very interested in his job. He is diligent in his duties.”

“Pays attention to detail. Takes responsibility for his work.”

“Demonstrates maturity & professionalism in dealing with job matters. Organizes week very well.”

“Has demonstrated enthusiasm in learning new methods & procedures of his job. Make recommendations & willing to try new ideas. Supports decisions made.

“Creates a positive impression with prospective residents. Accepts advice and recommendations in a mature manner.”

“Remains calm under the duties and pressures of the job.”

“Carries out duties in a professional manner. Extremely patient and understanding in dealing with prospective and active residents.”

“Always available, on time & willing to work beyond normal work hours.”

“Has made significant progress since being hired, learning new duties and procedures.”

Ed Monk

Acting Executive Director

Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs


“Goals were achieved with 3 move-ins per month. Tom worked closely with all involved in the marketing effort. Excellent follow-up on a timely basis.”

“Tom is very motivated and accomplishes all he sets out to do. Follow through with contacts is excellent. Ability to ‘close’ is outstanding.”

Warren Rippey

Executive Director

Morningside Ministries at Menger Springs




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