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Starting my career “agency-side” as a writer/producer at San Antonio’s largest advertising agencies, I created an incredibly wide variety of nationally award-winning, successful, profitable, creative marketing pieces from initial concept and copy through production and placement for some 10 years.

Following that, I then founded and ran Flying Terrier Creative Company for an additional 10 years, providing creative direction and copy to over 50 advertising agencies and private clients on nearly 4,000 marketing assignments in all media.

With that wealth of experience in advertising, I then went “client-side” within the healthcare/retirement industry. In that capacity, I guided the sales and marketing efforts of a number of senior care providers from independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care through geri-psych facilities.

Building on that knowledge, I’ve combined my experience and expertise in my blog post, The Gray Mile. There, to help caregivers and the seniors better navigate the aging process, I post helpful information, as well as stories about some of the individuals and experiences I’ve encountered along the way.

Along the way, I also completed an MBA in Marketing Management and published three books as an indie author: Waldo Maccabees, In the Footsteps of ChristOn A Burning Deck, The Road to Akron and On A Burning Deck, Return to Akron

On A Burning Deck won the History Outreach Award from the Ohio Local History Alliance as “an outstanding contribution to the field of local history in Ohio.” It was also the recipient of an outstanding achievement award from the Kentucky Historical Society.

Following the publication of the two paperback volumes, I then combined them into one handsome hardback volume. More information about these books can be found by clicking on the different Author links above, on the book website or by visiting Amazon and purchasing a copy (or two).

Contact me directly by clicking here, at #TomJonesNBTX, emailing me at or simply picking up the phone and calling me at 210-792-2147.

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