Hillcrest Baptist—Health Care Card

Situation:       The Baptist Memorial Hospital System in San Antonio competed for patients with 3 other hospital systems. To differentiate themselves and further bond a loyal patient base to them, they decided to upgrade the benefits of an existing courtesy card.

Action:            Once the new benefits were formalized, I was responsible for concept and copy of all marketing materials: from newspaper and television to brochures and eventual syndication materials. I also assisted in the production of their television commercials.

Result:            The first patient benefits program of its kind in the country, it was a phenomenal success. In the 2 years, the hospital saw $333 million in gross revenue with 15,829 uses of the card. The program was eventually syndicated around the country, which included Hillcrest Baptist in Waco and Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas. I then helped write and produce new commercials for them (In the second spot, I’m the “operator” on the far right).

Hillcrest Baptist Hospital—All of Us


Hillcrest Baptist Hospital—Operators Are Standing By

Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center


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