Colin Medical Instruments—Trade Show Flyer

Situation:       Although Colin Medical Instruments’ technology was in the majority of hospitals and operating rooms throughout the United States, their equipment was licensed to other companies that rebranded it under other names. They wanted to (re)introduce themselves to the American Market. In advance of a major national conference for the National Association of NeoNatal Nurses, they wanted to generate a little “buzz” throughout the medical community.

Action:            I concepted and wrote a number of flyers which would be placed under the hotel doors of all attendees over each of the three nights on which they would be staying in the hotel. Each was designed to be as “in your face” and inflammatory as possible.

The “big medical coverup”? Simply the fact that Colin technology was being marketed under different names.

“Simple-minded”? The engineers at Colin make their technology as absolutely simple to use as possible.

“Fine print”? There was none.


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