Greenbrier Development—EdenHill Communities

Greenbrier Development—EdenHill Communities

EDHL-0050 July Invitation 041212 1Greenbrier Development—EdenHill Communities

Greenbrier Development—EdenHill CommunitiesGreenbrier Development—EdenHill Communities

Greenbrier Development—EdenHill CommunitiesGreenbrier Development—EdenHill CommunitiesGreenbrier Development—EdenHill Communities

Situation:       EdenHill Communities was the oldest provider of senior care in Texas. Their campus looked every second of it and they had no interest whatsoever in putting any money or effort into upkeep or maintenance. They knew they would soon either have to shut their doors due to new competition or “go big” with a complete redevelopment of the campus (which meant any money on interim efforts to fix up the campus would be wasted). They chose to go big and hired Greenbrier Development out of Dallas to head up the redevelopment. Greenbrier, in turn, hired me to help initiate and manage this $66.7 million redevelopment, marketing, and sales effort.

  • Action:            I led the marketing efforts through the grand opening and first year anniversary of their new independent living community. In the process, I worked with advertising agencies and freelancers and served as the public representative of the community, meeting or speaking with over 3,000 different individuals in small groups or at one of over two dozen monthly marketing luncheons. I was personally responsible for bringing in over $23.5 million in resident deposits and $3 million in annual income. Result:  The revitalized community reopened with 80% of the units reserved and/or occupied within the first 4 months of operation (over one year ahead of financial projections) and celebrated its one year anniversary with 95% of the apartments reserved and/or occupied (over two years ahead of schedule and substantially under marketing budget). I also won Greenbrier Development’s 2014 Excellence in Service Award, as well as repeated recognition by President’s Club for Excellence in Sales Performance and featured speaker at Greenbrier’s national 2014 Annual Marketing & Sales Symposium.


Performance Reviews:

“Tom is very analytical and is proactive in establishing dialogue when necessary to facilitate answers to problems.”

“Tom has excellent communication skills.”

 “Tom is very thorough and accurate in the performance of his duties.”

“Tom has an excellent work ethic—he is thorough and focused on the work he has to do each day.”

“Tom is very dependable!

“Tom is accommodating to others and very much a team player.”

“Tom works independently and is focused on the team goals.”

“In the past year there have been a number of challenges and Tom has proved to be very adaptable to these inconveniences.”

“Tom has stepped into his new role as Marketing Director and is making great strides to keep his team focused and on track.”

“Tom will be instrumental in the coming year in setting goals and establishing his priorities as we begin to move depositors into the building.”

“Tom is already assuming many duties and is excellent at motivating & helping others.”

Employee’s Strengths: “Organization. Focus. Expediting.”

Margaret Gebhart

Senior Vice President

Greenbrier Development


“Tom has done an excellent job in all areas of his job. He has taken on a lead role with REPS, which has helped the team immensely. He is a self-starter who takes the initiative to get his job done every day. He is excellent at building a relationship with prospects and his passion for the field shows. Exceptional employee.”

Sharon Wild

Marketing Director

Greenbrier Development


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